SSCIP is able to benefit from the “Go West” Western Development Program. As a result, it enjoys various preferential policies on tax, financing, specialized funds and talent settlement in the Hi-Tech Zone, Chengdu city and Sichuan province.

Well-known Hi-Tech enterprises also stand to receive enormous support from the government. For example, if they can contribute at least RMB 5 million with annual sales revenue over RMB 200 million and a growth rate of over 30% in the Hi-Tech Zone, they get a support fund worth 60% of their contribution. Or, if they contribute at least RMB 1 million in the current year, they get a support fund worth 50% of their contribution.

(Reference: Opinions on Accelerating the Certification and Agglomeration for Hi-Tech Enterprises of Chengdu High-Tech Zone Management Committee)

An award of RMB 30 million is offered to companies with a paid-up registered capital of at least RMB 1 billion, based either in Chengdu or at an approved HQ in Asia Pacific.
Companies with a registered capital of RMB 500 million to 1 billion, or have recently based their Greater China HQs in Chengdu, are eligible for an award of RMB 20 million.
Enterprises with a registered capital of RMB 100 million to 500 million, or have based their approved HQs in Chengdu, are eligible for an award of RMB 10 million.

In addition to these exclusive privileges, a special award of up to RMB 50 million is offered to company HQs that have played a pivotal role in driving the industrial development of Chengdu. The selection will be made by the Service Industry Development of the Municipal Government.

Investing in Chengdu has never been more enticing.

(Reference: Notice on Issuing Support Policy for Economic Development of Headquarters in Chengdu by General Office of Chengdu Municipal People’s Government)

The Hi-Tech Zone is going out of its way to attract topnotch talents. Relevant departments are tasked to help these highly prized professionals working in the zone settle down in Chengdu. And not just them, but their spouses and children as well, by offering Chengdu permanent residency. That means their children can enjoy the educational privileges of Hi-Tech Zone residents when they are enrolled into nurseries or schools.

(Reference: Temporary Provisions for Encouraging Senior Professionals to work in Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone Industry Development Zone)

For enterprises with special requirements, a customized support policy can be drafted out after a case-by-case evaluation.