World-class public amenities, state-of-the-art infrastructure, services with a personal touch—within an exclusive 10.34km2, SSCIP strives to create a haven for all to live, work and play; where ideas are exchanged, friendships are built, life is shared. Amenities range from CBD cafés, shopping malls, waterfront parks to international hospitals, schools and outdoor lawns. Convenience and comfort of its residents are surely the park’s priorities.

A prominent feature in SSCIP is the Tianfu Cultural and Performance Centre. Located in cluster 2, it is one of largest cultural projects funded by the Sichuan government. The complex is comprised of a performing arts center, a music hall, a cultural center and an exhibition gallery to showcase world-class performances.

There will be 2 middle schools, 7 primary schools and 13 kindergartens, so parents can have the peace of mind with regards to quality education. Other essential amenities such as general hospitals, nursing homes, community centers, police stations and markets are also integrated to meet the residents’ needs.


Living up to its reputation of a modern international park ideal for living and working, SSCIP will adopt a series of intelligent infrastructure to manage its public resources, such as the common utility trench. Power transmission pipelines, telecommunication pipelines, water pipelines and auxiliary facilities are neatly consolidated in one underground rack. What makes it even more intelligent is that this rack is amply ventilated and lit, making communication, safety monitoring systems and pipeline maintenance a breeze. The common utility trench also reduces ground excavation works and makes future network extension more convenient.

The green belt takes up a sizable 17.5% of SSCIP. It includes 50 hectares (750 mu) of land for the landscaping of “Heartbeat” Central Park in the central cluster, and 10 hectares (150 mu) of lake area. The “Heartbeat”, a major SSCIP landscaping showcase, not only enhances the park’s ecological environment, but it also provides residents with a place for leisure, family gatherings, or just simply a relaxing stroll after a busy day.